Chocolate Chip 

Just like your favorite chocolate chip cookies from childhood. A little taste of heaven loaded with tons of yummy chocolate chips. Pop 'em in the microwave for 5-10 seconds for oooey gooey goodness.

Every cookie is special.



A soft baked ginger cookie guaranteed to warm the heart of even the grouchiest Scrooge.

Chocolate Brownie

A rich and decadent brownie that will satisfy any chocoholics sweet tooth. 

Chocolate Chip Coconut

A traditional chocolate chip cookie topped with flaked coconut. Kinda like a tropical vacation for your tongue without having to deal with all those pesky tourists.

All of our cookies are made with the finest ingredients and handcrafted with love from our family to yours. All cookies are

$15 / dozen for 1oz  &  $20 / dozen for 2oz (chocolate chip only).

Brownies $20 for 8x8 pan or $15 for 12 individual brownie "cupcakes"

Oatmeal Chocolate Covered Raisin

Being a little bad has never tasted so good. Classic oatmeal cookies with a little twist, chocolate covered raisins. Good for the heart and the soul. 


A wonderfully soft and chewy cookie rolled in cinnamon and sugar. All the best things about Grandma's kitchen in one little ball of dough.

Peanut Butter

For the peanut butter monsters. A soft, chewy morsel of peanut buttery love with peanut butter chips. Goes great with a cold glass of milk.

Reviews :

DANACHICK  - Fantastic PB Cookies! These are by far the best PB cookies I've ever had. In general, I'm not a huge cookie monster and can turn treats down pretty easily - but not these cookies! I could hardly keep my hands off 'em. So delicious, order them - you won't be disappointed.

GoldenGoddess - Best Purchase Ever Seriously... these cookies were THAT good. I anticipated a decent cookie, but these were much better than expected. The flavor and texture was amazing. I believe they are so good because they are locally made.