Rainbow Cupcake

Just like a rainbow after the storm our rainbow cupcake will brighten even the gloomiest day. Its a French Vanilla cupcake with the colors of the rainbow topped with a creamy vanilla buttercream. Make like a leprechaun after a pot of gold and grab some before they disappear.

Chocolate/Espresso Cupcake

A deep rich chocolate cupcake with a buzzzz to it. It's topped with a homemade espresso buttercream and filled with a chocolate bavarian cream.

Chocolate with Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercream

Vanilla with Chocolate or Vanilla Buttercream

Sometimes the classics are the best. We take a fragrant vanilla or decadent chocolate cupcake and pair it with our choice of creamy vanilla or rich chocolate buttercream.

Lemon Cupcake

Just in time for spring, a bright flavored lemon cupcake with lemon buttercream. All the lemon flavor you love without the pucker.

Custom Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes are priced from $15-$30 /dozen

Chocolate/Mint Cupcake

Just like your favorite after-dinner mint only bigger!!! A decadent chocolate cupcake filled with chocolate bavarian cream and topped with a creme de menthe buttercream. Waiter, bring me a bucket. 

Mason Jar Cupcake with Yellow Cake, Vanilla Whipped Topping, Strawberries, and Vanilla Buttercream


Vanilla/Raspberry Cupcake

A rich vanilla cupcake with a raspberry filling and raspberry infused buttercream.